We are continuing on this week with Just say No to unforgiveness. The number one thing that hinders our faith is unforgiveness. Today Pastor is not on...View Details

Just say No to the Enemy

We are continuing on this week with Just say No to the Enemy. Today Pastor is taking a different approach about how to stand in your faith against the...View Details

This week we are starting a new series called Just Say No. Our springboard verse is Titus 2:11-12 - Through God’s grace we are to learn to say no to u...View Details

Marriage (Q&A)

Did you know that when you asked Jesus to be your Savior that there is more included with that then simply not going to hell? In the final message of ...View Details

The Holy Spirit is one of our biggest reinforcements to resisting the devil. When we are filled with the Spirit, he will lead us in the right directio...View Details

We are continuing in Reinforcements learning about the blessings that come from the Kingdom. One of the definitions of Blessing is something that prov...View Details

We are starting a new series called Reinforcements. Now I know people don’t like to talk about the devil, some people would go to say he isn’t even re...View Details

Answer the Call

Today we have a special Guest Bishop E. W. Jackson from Exodus Faith Ministries out of Virginia. He is delivering a powerful word called Answer the Ca...View Details

Healing (Jailbreak pt 3)

Today we are finishing up Jailbreak with a message on Healing. This series has been all about breaking out of the kingdom of darkness and being placed...View Details

We are continuing in Jailbreak with today’s Message The Promise. We can’t really understand what it means to live in the Kingdom of God without unders...View Details

The Bible tells us that Jesus has broken us out of the kingdom of darkness and placed us into the kingdom of his love. With that we are starting a new...View Details

Follow Suit

Happy Father’s Day!!! Today Pastor Duane is giving a great message on the importance of Fathers. Let’s just right into Follow Suit.

Kingdom Culture

Have you heard the term Woke Culture? It means to be aware of and actively attentive to important facts and issues. What about Cancel Culture? That’s ...View Details

Today we are finishing up Words of Power. Pastor is teaching us the secret of how to connect with God! It's really quite simple and of course it can b...View Details

Today we will be starting a new mini series called Word of Power. In society today it is easy to get caught up in your next Netflix binge or all the h...View Details

The Helper (Pentecost)

Today we are celebrating Pentecost! Even though Jesus was the Son of God, he came as an empty vessel, a normal man just like us, but he used the Holy ...View Details

Faith Grows Webcast

During the Faith Grows webcast you will hear teachings from:~Rick Renner - helps us to understand how not to misplace your faith when going through ha...View Details

Today we are concluding our series on Complete Trust with our message; Authority. Pastor has been giving us a lot of different steps in this series to...View Details

Today Pastor Duane is going to be teaching us about the 3 major enemies of Faith. Unbelief, Traditions, and Limitation but if we assure our hearts dai...View Details

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